"The Ride of Katy Jennings”

Ten-year-old Katy was the daughter of
Catherine Overton and Gordon C. Jennings.


Catherine and Gordon came to Texas in 1832
and colonized land in Manor,
TX just east of Austin.

Gordon Jennings was the oldest defender
 who died in that famous
 battle at the Alamo in 1836.

Catherine, hearing that the Alamo
had fallen; she put her 10 year old
daughter Katy on a bareback horse to
 ride the Barton Creek area near
 Austin. She was to warn the other
 settlers that the Alamo had fallen,
and they would have to flee for their
lives. Santa Anna and his army
 would soon be up on them.

Years later this escape was known as
 the run away scrape.


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